Phenomenal Fields and Figures |
Site: Huis Vesten

2016 - 2017

Phenomenal Fields and Figures

This academic year, the Master Studios of the Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas of the KU Leuven were given a new building from which to operate. Sint-Niklaasstraat 27 has an exceptional location in the heart of the Medieval centre of Ghent. As a reconverted infrastructural building, it is higher than its neighbours, offering the possibility to connect with the city on different levels.

The problem is that this building is still a generic office building, with commercial exploitation on the ground floor and no communal spaces. There is NO connection to the city in any way.

The students of Master I investigated how this building can find the city, retrieving its position in society. They looked for the reconversion into an open urban platform, where the school becomes part of the city in all possible ways.

Architecture grows from a mutually reinforcing relationship between spatial poetics and a structural logic. We are looking for the tension between the collective and intimate, between the interior and urbanity, between mass and space. We focus on structure and materiality, and the experience of it. We challenge you to tackle a complex spatial problematic in a creative and inventive manner, passed conventional solutions.


Caroline Voet
Klaas Goris
Eric Lapierre
Hera van Sande