The school as a city |
Bargiekaai, Ghent, MA1

2017 - 2018
Giel Heymans
Giel Heymans

For three months, the 1st Master’s students of Studio Structural Contingencies are working on the possibilities of a meaningful university building on the Bargiekaai in Ghent.

What can this place and its architecture mean for the city?

How can the core organizational functions of KU Leuven, such as one or two large auditoriums, be further expanded, so that the project becomes a lively university platform and an active part of the City of Ghent?

We focus in the first place on a site of 15 500 m2 along the Bargiekaai, aiming to restore the link with the water, becoming a new open and inclusive place for the neighborhood.



Klaas Goris
Hera Van Sande
Caroline Voet



Joris Capiau
Kenzo Wageman
Phaedra Welvaert
Jolien Rysselinck
Barbara Claerhout
Olga Michaloueva
Maria Louise Bredek
Pauline Brunsmann
Camille Buysse
Charlotte Gauchez
Justine Devlaminck
Robbe Schelfhout
Kristof Bonny
Lise Brusselmans
Mathieu Audry
Camille Bergez
Laurence De Roo
Simon Vanhevel
Rémy Debbaut
Eva Vossaert
Guillaume Dominique F. De Lathuy
Rodin Desplechin
Lonne Deliens
Florian Du Ville
Jacob Vanroeyen
Björn Vanoverberghe
Sandrine Janssens
Sil Vintioen
Tomàs Lepouttre
Tobias Tytgat
Tim Schautteet
Emilie Van de Walle
Lotte Thierens
Eva Roose
Emile Van Opbroeck
Ewout Adams
Lien Vlerick
Gabrio Rogiers