Study trip Tallinn – Meesterproef, 2019 – 2020

Study trip Tallinn 1920

Meesterproef Tallinn

For 5 days, we have been travelling through and around Tallinn: analyzing the work of Reine Karp, Valve Pormeister, Toomas Rein, … Working on a regeneration project at the sea side of Tallinn, Estonia, our students are dissecting the Linnahall. This large-scale derelict music hall and ice skate ring was built right before the Estonian independence of 1991, as part of the Russian infrastructures for the Olympics. Once symbol of the occupation, now in an intermediate state of liminality, the students reinvent the Linnahall as a symbol for the new future-oriented and open spirit of Tallinn, in search for connections with a past and its traditions beyond the occupation. We see universities, research centers, bath houses, a nautical museum, a crematorium, opera houses, fish halls, … gradually coming to life. 



6 till 10 November 2019



Caroline Voet
Eireen Schreurs



Camille Bergez
Joséphine Beuselinck
Marloes Bredek
Petra Brunsmann
Lise Brusselmans
Jasper Criel
Arnout D’Haeyer
Frouke de Ree
Marjolein Geyskens
Sandrine Janssens
Marie Nevejan
Tim Schautteet
François Timmermans
Eva Van Nuffel