Exploring Fundamentals Lecture Series, NOV17-JAN18

Paulo Providencia

Organisation: Vai ism KU Leuven 

Venue: deSingel, Antwerp 

In response to the exhibition ‘Dom Hans van der Laan. A House for the Mind’, curator Caroline Voet invites five architects to reflect on their work. They talk about their craft, a continuous search for the embedding of their own practice within a cultural fundament. ‘Exploring Fundamentals’ is about the exploration of known techniques and methods, but also about a continuous sharpening and improvement. The design process is a combination of looking, studying and drawing. On questioning and reintrepretation, transformation and experiment.

27 nov 2017 | Paulo Providencia 

5 dec 2017 | Dirk Somers 

13 dec 2017 | Mechtild Stuhlmacher 

19 dec 2017 | Tom Thys 

14 jan 2018 | Uwe Schröder